Conscious Confidence 

One of a kind online course that teaches you how to overcome self-doubt, rumination and worry about other people's opinions so they can finally enjoy their career, feel confident and find balance.




"Kristin challenges me on my excuses and false belief systems about myself and has helped me grow into a more confident woman and doctor, and has helped me take control back of my own emotions and future"

Cardiac Surgery

 "Kristin gets right to the core of the issues and has this ability to provide an incredibly insightful perspective in a non-judgemental, constructive and supportive way.  For anyone who feels stuck in a negative space with no way out, she's your ticket to your future"


Learn simple,  actionable solutions for overcoming self doubt quickly (no "fake it til you make it" required)



Develop genuine and lasting confidence no matter what happens at work 



Gain the skills to leave work at work so you can feel balanced and stop dreading work days.

Internal Medicine

"Kristin is the ideal when it comes to physician coaching. She is honest, nonjudgmental and no BS"

Family Practice

"The videos encouraged me to see that I am worth the time focusing on my goals"

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"Kristin's material and coaching was more helpful to me in one month than years of counseling"

Hi! I'm Kristin...

I help women physicians overcome self doubt so they can create exactly the career they've always wanted.

Every physician I work with thinks that she's the "real imposter". Every one thinks that she will never actually be able to feel more confident. I used to feel exactly the same way.

That's because it's normal. You're normal. 

Just like every single woman I have worked with so far, I am confident that you can feel better and have exactly the career you have always wanted (even if you don't believe that yet!)

I'm Ready!

Conscious Confidence

What you'll get


  •  Lifetime access to my Conscious Confidence Course
  • 8 weeks of live support
  • Stop ruminating about mistakes, negative patient reviews or past decisions
  • Gain the confidence to start saying "no" and leaving work at work
  • Stop feeling like a failure